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Hi I’m Susi Oddball, You might wonder why i have such a strange name…it’s in my nature, but there’s a good reason for it. I have been a clown Juggler for 35 years, and the name was first used for my company called Oddballs Juggling Company , which was based in Brighton & London. It still exists in the form of online/wholesale/retail outlets selling far more than just juggling equipment.

I now live in Brighton and run, teach and  produce community radio for Brighton & Hove Community Radio We invite a variety of guests including muscians, poets,  curators and undertakers.  We have shows to keep you riveted in your bed, whilst curing your hangover, or producing a headache, depending on your state of health.  Expect Jimmy Hendrix one minute and Beethoven the next. We love to see people participating as it is community radio, the more the merrier, check out http://www.bhcr.org.uk
I’m also a gardener, a teacher, an artist musician and a mum to 4 children although people in my radio also call me mum so i have become a mother to the world.  My aim is for everyone in the world to juggle and be happy living in peace and harmony.

9 responses to “About Me

  1. It’s Ian, I signed in and all seems well now! x

  2. Love the pictures Susi

  3. I was studying some of your articles on this site and I believe this web site is really instructive! Continue putting up.

  4. hi susi I had lunch with eddy today. I am really pleased to read your blog and eagerly awaiting the next.

  5. David Wyn Jones

    Hi Suzi
    Re: our meeting must have taken wrong email
    Pls update me ta David

  6. Hi Susi great blog very interesting Dave & Wendy

  7. Glad you like it xxx much love and regard xxx

  8. make sure you correct your link to your page. those pesky commas did a number on my trying to find you.

  9. I only meet Susi 9 months ago. She has a great and warm personality. She will help anyone if she can. She loves entertainment and runs radio room at the Brighthelm Community Centre. She has been a tremendous help to our new poetry group ” The Brighton and Hove Quill of Peotry” for which we thank her. Keep the good work going. Terry Godwin

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