Juggling & Clown

I have been juggling and clowning since about 1979 when as a young teacher I really impressed with some jugglers who were practising at night by the lamp post outside my flat in Colverstone Crescent,  Hackney E8 London UK.  The shimmering of the clubs in the light looked like orbs flying in the air.  They floated!  That night I was inspired.  Next day I went up to my neighbour upstairs  and asked if he minded if I complained about the noise and found out what juggling was about.  He did not mind so I did and thats when I met Max, Bill and Taran the juggling troupe from UK, Canada and Scotland who were performing all over the world.  It was their fault I got into juggling and I thank them for the rest of my life.  Because of it I changed and my life became more exciting.


When I learnt to juggle I nearly lost my teaching job because of my obessi0n, and also I had to warn my downstairs neighbour what was happening so she would not be upset with my balls dropping on the floor!

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I learnt very slowly and then performed very quickly You have to understand that I was a drama teacher who did not like performing!  Through juggling i realized that it was not the performing it was learning lines and remembering them.  What i did not know was that I was dyslexic and it would always be a struggle to learn anything and remember it.  My husband Eric, son Chris and Myself performed in Amsterdam and managed to live and survive that summer.  Even as a teacher we were struggling and had to pick up the old vegetables from Ridley Road Market and managed to make many tasty meals out of them.  Now we had to busk and Eric played a really mean jazz guitar.  Surprisingly we did well and came back to England with confidence and preceded to busk in Camden Lock.  In 1981 we did a show with John Hegley who I named “I am John, John with the glasses on” My life improved and then went down and if it had not been for juggling I would have drowned in life I am so glad I have juggling

2 responses to “Juggling & Clown

  1. I’m glad I found juggling and you, too, Sue!

  2. Juliet Calabrese

    Omg. It’s a miracle I found you .

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