Life Under Covid

I have now been shielding for 10 months and have found myself during this time.  I have been going out once a week for 2 months now to go to my autistic daughter’s house that is part of my bubble.  To give her and myself a break she has been going home to her house (no one else goes there) three days a week and has a food delivery from a wonderful supermarket who has given me and her respite from each other. 

I have Lymphoma and diabetes and arthritis plus other failing bodily organs but am okay and have been playing table tennis and feel a lot healthier for it.  I have also been painting and writing poetry plus doing community radio with others who have been stuck in or shielding or isolated  it’s been great  experience .  Also my daughter is into photography so i have been involved in putting up blogs so I have learnt more about video editing which i love!!! Thank you Adobe!

I am due for my yearly MRI but i don’t think i will be going to the hospital due to Covid cases, so I am having a consultation with either my Lymphoma nurse who I am not sure about or my specialist which will be a rare appearance with We will see and I will keep you informed

It’s strange as i sometimes feel scared and other times not!  At the moment I am keeping up with my Open Strings orchestra and playing my violin but will have to play it more to improve but my daughter wants to spend even more time at my house which means less time for my pursuits so again it s carefully planning everything to please my creative side as well as my family side.

I have not hugged two of my sons since lockdown, one lives in Cornwall in New quay and the other has just moved back to Brighton and Hove so I need to see them more after Covid.  I have not believed the Government so in the summer I stayed away from people and still will till i am convinced the vaccine will work. 

I am cooking well and since getting online shopping priority not struggling to get food from the Supermarkets, although Asda took me off their priority list as they said I was not buying as regularly as I should , but it’s a great place for vegans to shop it seems to have lots of choice , so does Sainsburys and Tescos. 

I love going out but am missing bands and gatherings but know its for my own good so whatever happens happens.

I hope that all my friends are coping as well as they can some seem to more than others Bless you all and I hope to see you all soon.

The radio has won a prestigious South East prestige award but of course we cannot collect it as Covid has stopped it but its still nice to know that we were chosen out of 40,000 companies and were the first voluntary company that was chosen.  Also myself and some of my presenters were awarded Community Covid Champions from our mayor Alexander Phillips, for presenting radio shows with a phone, from our home studio (my home) thanks to Alan Cannon and others for joining in  so that is an honour.  Anyway I will keep you informed if anything else happens for now BYE!

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