I have been writing since I was very young and now I go to Brighton Families Unemployed Centre on a Monday with Tony Spiers.  My sincere thanks to Bridget Whelan for all her encouragement and for her imput in the Tarner History Project as without her I would not have been so inspired to write the Washerwoman which is a song really but i still need to write the music.  Since I was 50 I have discovered that I am dyslexic but that has made me more determined to write and write Now I am writing a feature film and am intrigued at the process of writing it.  My thanks to our tutor Julie Everton A great teacher and is so good at giving us confidence to carry on this mamoth task.

Here is an example of my writings from way back in the 1980’s I am proud because my mum would have seen this piece of writing.   The picture is of a very good clown friend called Jo Jo from Denmark

The Clown

By Susi Oddball (1985)                                                                               

The bare face is reflected in a mirror

What looks back at me?

Is it the real image

There are lines under the eyes, around the nose

And curved creases around the mouth

Evidence of much experience

Of pain, trials, tribulations and joy

The body is beginning to sag

Against the baggy trousers.

The braces are holding the clown up

The shirt patterns of the past

Still promising beauty and colour.

A sparkling hat enclosing the clown’s mind

A protection for the shell, housing many thoughts

The base white is carefully covering the person

But with careful consideration to bring out a personality

The clown’s personage

The even stroke of the paint brush

Wiping out the lines of experience

But producing a youthfulness

Clear, steady smiling lips

Creating an image of lightness, colour and fun

Who knows what lies behind in the image

Only the clown can know