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Saga ComediansI  have been to many circuses lately and lots of theatre shows with fellow performers showing their stuff.  Moscow State Circus with clown Valerye excellent! And then a wicked technical juggler juggling 9 footballs briefly and 7 on a walking globe that looked like a football! Wow then passers of clubs smooth and entertaining plus all the other artists’.   Nice show!

Then two days later spoiled again by seeing John Lawson’s circus again great artists and amongst all foot jugglers! I have not seen foot jugglers for a while and was training to be one years ago but my back let me down so I know what is involved.  Our very own Bippo really developing into a great circus clown with plenty of confidence, plus there was many great artists with plenty of skill and entertainment wonder.

Then what happens after this I go to Denmark and see many skilful acts in Circus Mascot including Ulmas Gulyamov and his amazing family with Tatiana doing her aerial act and their children working with their father on an acrobatic act, and Marianne with her dogs and her sons doing their wonderful acts Great acts with dedicated people.  Love it! I felt I was being transported back to my childhood.   I will never forget Bertram Mills at Olympia, my aunty Mary used to pay for a ticket for the family every year as a birthday present for me, and mum used to make a party for me when we came back and the rest of the circuses Austin brothers, Chipperfields etc and how much help Zippo and Gerry Cottle has given to Clowns International and their friend’s.   Thank you so much we do appreciate it!  Your circuses are brilliant and so are you both.

I cannot forget No Fit State circus and how I was really tempted to run away with them back in the 80’s what a great crowd circus is and I feel very privileged to have known such wonderful people in my life

It was great in Denmark to see Bubblez and Julius , seeing Pierrot in Copenhagen in Bakkas, such an honour ! and stay with them and hang out with Irene and sharing a room with Flo, lovely lady with a wicked sense of humour, Freda and Zilly, Des and Eek, Rico and Toby, Barry , Kate Gingernut , Matty , Paddy, plus our wonderful Danish and Swedish and Finnish clowns including Lisa , Nils Poll, Tors, Skunk, Palietta, and the other lady clowns out there including the Commedia School, plus Sven, Axel,  My dancing salsa partner, Also making new friends in Svenborg brilliant

I love you It was a pleasure doing some Tai Chi exercises with our amazing host John Newman , Young  Mark (wicked magic trick) and Claire and also lovely to see our faithful ladies making breakfast day in the centre, day in and  day out and our sponsors for the festival Thank you Danish children we love you too!

Now I am going to join the circus of the NHS to have a major operation again but this time in Brighton and hopefully with a view of the sea to ponder on.  I will let you know the outcome of this and other tests Meanwhile I am still doing my play about cancer so any one who wants to contribute their voice to it I would love to hear from so get me on my email susioddball2k@yahoo.co.uk

Before this is my daughter’s birthday and she is having a barbecue which I am going to look forward to lovely

clown festival denmark 2014

I have also seen the last of the Fringe plays i am having such a theatrical week I have seen brilliant performances from Christopher Phillips and company, at three and one, a play about mental health,  and Robert Cohen at the Rock, Kemp Town about Mc Carthyism, and then to top it all I listened to the most beautiful chamber music with a bonus of wonderfully read poetry from Shirley Jaffe and Paulina singing Yiddish opera,  fantastic love it Went  to London to clown at Grimaldi park to commemorate 177 since Joseph Grimaldi was alive!  then back to Brighton to go with Suchi Chatterjee to two plays this evening at the Friends centre Confessions of a brighton hoar was absolutely amazing and clever and if I had been a man in the audience I would have felt uncomfortable I wonder if this was deliberate? Lol! It was written by a man too, and I unfortunately missed  my friends 70 birthday after the plays too late day then on Sunday went to the Quadrant in Queens Road to see Charmian Hughes in her production Raj Rage at 4pm she was great and is taking her show to Edinburgh Then I had two bonus’s one was seeing another play in Three and Ten My cousin Lorna and Cat in That Pair on the theme of Friendship How they have developed and are really funny  A must to see It really made me laugh

2014-06-01 19.55.08

Then two  a cup of tea with my daughter Luci and a cuddle from her cat Tomolina Kit cat

2014-04-16 17.15.402014-04-16 17.23.002014-04-16 17.24.10A great three weeks I hav2014-04-16 16.28.402014-04-16 17.20.46e had!2014-04-16 17.17.292014-05-30 21.13.48

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Moscow State Circus at Brighton Fringe Festival

An excellent performerThe Moscow State Circus in Brighton Fringe Festival

by Susi Oddball

When visiting the Moscow State Circus with my daughter and her boyfriend I found the atmosphere of the circus enrapturing me again.  The sound and lighting created an exciting atmosphere and having a story line was very inventive.  In search of the treasure through a legacy of chairs.  We had recently visited a production of divercity and that was a story line too.  Is this because we are used to being entertained now by the tv and so it is more enticing to have a story line?

Yana Alievia on a revolving Ariel Chandelier was stunning, it reminded me of when I went to Tbilisi and how the only items I could purchase was chandeliers and they were beautiful.  It was refreshing having young people perform with great energy.  Young clowns, a young girl on a hoop presenting herself well, a different presentation from the usual trapeze.

The Alikanovs on the poles were impressive, where else would you have seen 3 girls on one pole!  It was a great use of poles, people and smoke effects, giving that extra special feeling.

The Clowns Valik and Valerik were funny and presented nice humorous juggling, unicyling and magic tricks.  They had a great rappore with the audience especially those at the front.  I know the tickets we bought said restricted view I would have still have liked the clowns to have played with us as well.  I think if you have the money it would be worth investing in the next stage up tickets for the view.  I like the way the continued the story line and after the second chair I think that most of the audience got the idea.  As time goes on the clowns will be absolutely brilliant at the moment their routines are very good especially the musical routine, the ladder routine was very funny with the hat and their skill levels are excellent.

The juggling Sherbakovs were faultless and their spinning devise (apparently was the reverse of St Petersburg pyramid) was engaging and along with their routines of passing were very popular with the audience.  I particularly enjoyed their skill levels and the fact that they did not drop, Great stuff!

The acrobats and the bungy jumping of the Perushkins, the Doctrovs, and the flying Rubsobsms a display of such skill, balance, timing and dexterity kept the audience whirling in the seats

I particularly loved the high wire act as it was not just one wire across and two down It was a criss cross of wire leading up to the highest wire where the Stalkions jumped over each other, balanced 3 person high, that was scary!  As well as the girl jumping from one man to the other Wow!

The final act of chair stacking was very well done and I thought I counted 12 chairs but I was told it was less still they still looked wobbly and he was going up very high .

I also liked the idea that the treasure the clowns were looking for was not what they were expecting.  No I am not going to give the ending away I really enjoyed myself at Moscow State Circus and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a dream to run away to the circus or just go and see the circus. Its splendid value for money , from the music to the talented acts.  Its still on in Brighton Fringe Festival from 16 May to 29 May, In Norwich from 1 June to 5 June and Colchester from 7 June till the 10 June

Information line : 07721565558

website: http://www.moscowstatecircus.com/