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More Radio Shows to Listen to

Here is a link to the last Your Voice Matters with Aiden Dimassimo (singer and songwriter) and Jilliana taking us on another journey of her life

Susi Oddball - "Your Voice Matters". 10/04/15


Plus Mindfulness with Anthony and Michelle

Susi Oddball - "Your Voice Matters" -  Mindfulness

What the Doctors Said

What the Doctors Said

Let me tell you about my main GP doctor.  She is very matter of fact but has no bedside manner whatever and for some reason I know not of she has no empathy.  I have always wondered about doctors.  They want to cure people but then something happens and sometimes they do not listen to their patients and it turns out the patient goes into hospital as an emergency later.  Surely preventative is better than disease. Well my doctor says to me when I tell her that I have got kidney cancer and someone told me to get the DLA forms and fill in special rules “ you might not have a life threatening cancer have you had a biopsy, we have not even got your notes from the hospital (despite it being 4 weeks now!)wait and find out what the specialist has to say”

So I have and this is what he had to say.  Before I embark on what he had to say I would like to thank all my family and friends for their support and also especially Leonora my sister for coming with me to see the specialist, Nathalie from Switzerland and Natalia who asked the right questions and I got very clear answers although I got the feeling that he was glad that he was not operating on me for fear of the barrage of questions he might get from my well intelligent friends.  He told me it straight but first he asked what I knew so I told him I had first stages of cancer in the kidney and a really big cyst that would have to be taken out.  He seemed relieved too that he did not have to tell me the news I had cancer so he told me that the cancer  operation would have been simple if the doctors had not debated that the kidney might be leaning on the duodenum so therefore although taking out the kidney would be simple if it had spread slightly to the duodenum then it would make the difference between one hur operation or 8 hours and it would have to be done in London as there was no specialist surgeon if it was a problem and that he would start phoning around and find out whose available but I did tell him my preference was the Royal Marsden but he did mention Kings which I really reacted to as I had lost a close friend to Kings and Sydenham hospital last year and he also mentioned Guys He was going to phone me on Friday and let me know where was available and that I would have to have it done fast tracked, and when I had healed from that operation I would have to have another one in Brighton to take out the cyst.  The recovery would be slow but at least I would recover  I am a coward It sounds like a lot of pain to me and of course I could not sleep that night worrying about who would look after Luci and how was I going to fill in the DLA and more thoughts…

Well there it is for now nothing until Friday and then if he does not phone I will personally go to the Urology Dept and chase him up and on Monday will get in touch with the Macmillan nurse.  Going to stop now my back is aching and Luci is calling for now Bye