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More Radio Shows to Listen to

Here is a link to the last Your Voice Matters with Aiden Dimassimo (singer and songwriter) and Jilliana taking us on another journey of her life

Susi Oddball - "Your Voice Matters". 10/04/15


Plus Mindfulness with Anthony and Michelle

Susi Oddball - "Your Voice Matters" -  Mindfulness

Alanna McIntyre with Susi Oddball on Your Voice Matters 20 October 2014


A brave strong lady who tells the story of how she healed herself by writing a book and acting on what she was writing when her husband who suffered epilepsy and mental health issues committed suicide Now she fundraises for a centre that helped her through her crisis Whitehawk Inn Community Centre. All proceeds from her book will go to the centre.
Alanna reads from her book excerpts that will bring you wisedom and courage to carry on life no matter what is thrown at you Thank you Lovely lady! To contribute go

David Aherne the Vegetarian Gourmet

Here is a link to a very talented man talking about Vegetarianism, Fracking and the amazing world of acting

Simon Sladden and Widow Crusoe in Panto interview

Here is a fantastic show about pantos enjoy and be happy

Bridget Whelan’s New Creative Writing Book Radio Interview

Here is a link to Bridget’s Interview which is dedicated to Mike Whelan Enjoy!

Your Voice Matters Hepatitis B special

Hallo Folks here is a link to the latest radio show with vital information for all to note


Always Double Check!

After attending Meisner at the Emporium, doing a show “Your Voice Matters” (a magazine show with many topics) at the radio plus “Same difference” ( a show about disabilities and the DLA rung right on time during the show, I was almost tempted to put it on air but I did not that was close to getting into trouble with the authorities, and maybe they would have revealed sensitive data!)  and also giving in my writings for the Amazing Creative Futures competition(busy morning eh!)

A strange thing happened to me today in regards to unexpected.  First St Johns phoned up to ask if I could take Luci home as she was feeling unwell and as I was in the middle of a show I said no I could not but would try and find someone to collect her.

Then I phoned the hospital today as when I went into the CT unit yesterday the girl behind the counter was not helpful and had such a brisk manner any patient who was feeling sensitive would be upset by her attitude.  She stated yesterday that the doctors had not signed it off yet so she was not sure when I was to have the CT for my chest. As it happened today they told me to come to A and E and I would be given a scan immediately I asked casually what the emergency was and they said that I was going to have my op on Monday.  So in shock I had my scan.   After the scan I ask the doctor if there had been a mistake as I had only just seen the specialist at Kings on Wednesday and it was only Friday what could have changed? He promised to find out and phone me the next day at 2.

Meanwhile I decided to take the law into my own hands and phone up Kings Liver Dept. who I am now under to do the Whipple’s procedure and speak to my nurse there.  She was not there so I tried to explain what was going on to another nurse (the pancreatic nurse) and could she get the other nurse to speak to me on the phone.  Rachel phoned back on said ‘what’s all this about going to another hospital and having the operation?  I was puzzled so I asked her if I could explain what had occurred that very day which I did she said that she would phone the specialist and find out if he had emailed anything to her and she promised to phone me back.  Whilst I was on the phone Nathalie my volunteer for the radio who is from Switzerland, who very kindly offered to accompany me to the hospital was asking what I was looking for and I said my phone and she started laughing and pointed out the reason for not finding my phone in my bags was because I was speaking to the nurse on it!  Thus was my state of shock at being told I was about to have my op on Monday.

The nurse did phone me back and her very words were “ I am so sorry you will not be having your op on Monday there has been a gross miscommunication, you are under Andreos no one else DONOT GO DOWN TO KINGS IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU AND SAYS YOU HAVE YOUR OP DONOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT ME OR ANDREOS PERMISSION.  Do you understand this clearly its important for you to understand?  I answered yes I did and would only be answerable to her and Andreos.  I did get to ask another question I said that I was in shock on Wednesday and was not sure if I heard alright  Do I have the part Whipple’s procedure or the full one and do I have to have KEMO after and she said that it was the full one I still can’t believe this as it was only last week that the specialists were telling me that I would not most likely be having the Whipple’s procedure  Strange how things turnout especially as the DLA phoned to say that I do not qualify for the special rules I thought to myself hurrah I will live for more than six months Whoopie,  but normally I would complain cos I did not get the benefit!  Irony of life!  The moral of this story is to always double check if things seem wrong.

Well here’s to another day tomorrow I shall be juggling at people’s day next to City College with the young hoola hooplas and then reading a poem or two for Brighton Mad Poets at Corn Exchange stage  Exciting stuff

My Busy week in June 2013



Well what a busy week I have been everywhere not in the literal sense but certainly down to London and back only once but with what I have been doing it seems like several times since Tuesday.

It started off nice and peacefully with Luci having her presents as it was her 21 birthday Its strange it does not seem like all those years have passed since I had a water birth and also 1992 was the year we as a family emigrated to Canada, Big decisions and an important year. Then after dropping Luci off at college, time for creative writing at the unemployed families centre on Monday.  After dropping Luci off at college it was down to smelling things out of striped socks and as Lisa says “washed of course1”and writing about them.  this was a great exercise and I have some interesting words to prepare my piece for next week’s session. Gentle like a puppy’s dogs skin, tiny treasures of touch, permanent patterns of past pictures.   And Monday afternoon was brilliant I have not seen as many people at Brighton Mad poets in ages there was over 10 people and lots of new ones too Wow!  Yaseem had prepared a wonderful exercise called a ‘Shadoma’ which is a 6 line piece of writing with 3,5,3,3,7 and 5 syllable count so the first line would be 3 syllables, the second 5 and so on excellent thanks Yaseem and then the long exercise was to write a poem of things you wished you had heard and then writing a letter or piece of writing to yourself in the future.  Check out the link on the website when I have put it up.  Then time to collect Luci and Tom for the evening.

Luci always has these schemes to keep me occupied and Monday was no exception she is already planning her summer holidays and finalising her birthday meal for Saturday.


Tuesday a big day for me as I was going off to London to see the specialist in Kings College for a chat about the pending operation my sister Cathy came down from Birmingham to attend with me, plus my sister Leonora travelled with me from Brighton. Poor Cathy seemed very harassed when she came in the hospital building with Lyn It was so nice to see both of them and I would like to say how supportive they are to me Love them to bits! A bit rushed but we got to what I refer to as Cattle to the slaughter.  We waited for my name to be called out and we were ushered to seats near Doctor Christian Brown’s door but there was not enough and they only wanted two people to sit so I suggested for them to call us when we were going in so that we could all sit together.

What a lovely surgeon he is Dr Brown!  He explained what we already knew apart from that he was thinking of doing keyhole surgery to ‘pop’ out the kidney and if and a big IF there was anything else albeit the duodenum problem he would open up further if necessary.  Then we talked about the herbs that I would have liked to take Milk thistle and dandelion but he admitted he did not believe in them but I pointed out that I wanted to take them before to flush out the toxins he told me that it would be better to leave as it is for now and after when I have one kidney as it could be harmful.  What I did not point out is that herbs are the basis for medication anyway so really he would have had to believe in them if he believed in medication.  Any way he talked about after the kidney was out that they would have to find out whether it was malign or benign and then if it was malign Kemotherapy would have to be in the process. We will cross that bridge when we come to it if we come to it

After leaving the hospital we went to Islington and took a walk down memory lane The new river walk which my mum and walk would have taken if they had been alive as it was also the day of memory of when my mum had passed away at the Whittington hospital of cancer back in 97 same year as lady Diana and Mother St Theresa only the best woman eh?

Then we went to meet Steve at Euston, Cathy’s other half.   The poor man is commuting everyday from Birmingham to London when his work has a subsidiary company in Birmingham.  It is making him very tired and I worry about him.  We had a great meal in the Vegetarian Curry house at Drummond Street and it was so nice to see them both plus having Lynn with us too what a bonus!  Cathy is very naughty as she would not let us pay and I will have to make it up to her when I am better off.


I went to a meditation class at the BMECP in the afternoon it was with a person called Lilith of the wild wood she is giving us meditation on the Merkaba Lilith has written a book called ‘I am God’ based on the whole philosophy is based on the ancient Qabalistic understanding that we are each divine in our own right.  Nathan in the group says ‘we take responsibility for ourselves; we take back our own power.’  In a way having cancer is like that because the moment we find out about it we are empowered.  We have a responsibility to heal, or live in a way to heal others.

The journey I undertook was very shamanistic and reminded me of the time when I dropped into Leo Rutherford’s class in my lunch hour whilst taking a break from my circus workshops.  This was a workshop to find my animal spirits and Liluth was asking us to go on a journey to our heart.

At first I visualised on a tree.  It was strange as I could not see the whole tree but a magnified version in my vision with an almost floating effect over the picture.  Even the cells on the leaves were floating as if we were under the sea but needing no air to breathe down there.  I got to my throat and seemed to get stuck there, so I breathed and almost went to sleep but I knew it was not a sleep but a dream like state and suddenly landed in my heart watching the tubes of the aorta pumping blood although I seem to know this but not see the blood.  The tubes were white.  Then all of a sudden I saw bumps in the skins and they were pumping away in out in out


I hung out with my sister Leonora during the day and then I went to the wonderful Josephina to help me with my DLA at the Hollingdean unemployed centre She is so passionate and  knowledgeable I think I would like to nominate her but her answer is that many people are doing what she is doing Not quite like her I can think of one other Shanti who is also a star and very passionate

then i went to the Lord Nelson for a wonderful session with Brighton and Hove Sound Women set up by Melita of CVS, Southern Counties and Radio Reverb and Kathy Canton It was so nice to see lots of familiar faces such as Sarah Lee, Ellie Dobbing, Louise, Esther, Karen, and we listened to an amazingly inspiring speech by Sarah Jane Hall about her life at the BBC and how she came to produce documentaries She is so unpretentious and realistic I love her for that!  It makes one want to go and produce lots and lots of documentaries When i got home there was a letter from Kings Hospital I now have to go again next week to the liver department!  Here’s to my trips down to London Will keep you posted meanwhile have a great life and do not do anything I would not do!

Recent Shows done on BHCR Enjoy!

Your voice Matters 29 March 2013

this is Mark Dunstone, a co presenter who is a student at City College and has a passion for radio

Anything and Everything 24 March 2013

this is a programme manned by Luci Maxwell Stewart who has learning difficulties and cannot read and write but i am amazed at her dexerity on the PCs

Mind Out People 25 March 2013

this show is unique and is totally unedited by the Mad Poets and is made up just before the programme so they are hot of the press

Here are some shows I shared recently in 2012 They are lots of fun

Memories of susi 31 December 2012

Photos curtesy of Jenny Ventris

Curved Air, June Tabour, Seize the Day, The Cheftans

Ron Sharratt and Susi Oddball